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Center for Health, Learning & Achievement
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The Following Workshops and Seminars are offered by the Center for Health, Learning and Achievement. If you would like to schedule a workshop or seminar for your staff, please Contact Us.



Just Think! 04/25/2015
We will be discussing Fine Motor Skills. Strategies to help kids improve fine motor skills at home and at school. We will cover: coordination, handwriting, pencil grasp, and strengthening activities as well as simple modifications and equipment that can help! A Day in My Shoes- simulation and overview of dyslexia and language processing disorders Parent Forum Discussion- What are my choices? Vision Therapy- What is it and How can it effect my child?

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Dyslexia - Evaluation and Intervention
Participants will gain a better understanding of the Neurodevelopemental Model for identification and subtyping of Dyslexia, as well as intervention methods based on subtypes.

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Psychoeducational Tests - What Does It All Mean?
Participants will gain a better understanding of comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations, Neuropsychology 101, the criteria for different LD disorders and developing an IEP based on the assessment. A Case Study of "Alex" will lead us through the assessment process.

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Understanding Individuals w/ Asperger's Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism

This one-day seminar is designed for special education teachers and directors, psychologists, speech pathologists, social workers, administrators, classroom teachers, instructional aides, principals, vice principals, education attorneys, counselors and parents.


Understanding and Assisting Children with Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Participants will gain a better understanding of the causes and myths related to ADHD.  New genetic and neurological research findings will be presented.  Classroom and home strategies and accommodations will be discussed that can enable individuals with ADHD to be more successful and develop a positive self-image


Beginning With The End in Mind – Raising a Competent, Confident, Motivated Adult
 Participants will learn 4 key strategies to foster a child’s feelings of competency.  They will learn how to develop realistic expectations and recognize process over product in order to help children become self-motivated individuals. In addition, participants will learn about the importance of establishing a common family vision to increase communication and cooperation within the home. 


How It Feels To Be Learning Disabled
Participants will have a better understanding of the foundational blocks of learning.  They will learn about several processing deficits that impact learning and will have an opportunity to experience what these processing deficits would feel like at home and in school. Finally they will learn some home strategies to assist in compensation of these deficits. 


Emotional Intelligence and the LD and ADD/ADHD Child
Participants will gain an understanding of Emotional Intelligence and learn ways to nurture the emotional mind within the home and at school.  Particular emphasis will be placed on ways to teach LD and ADHD children pro-social skills, so they can develop a positive self-image and be more successful around peers and adults. 


Redirecting Children’s Behavior and Effective Discipline
This workshop will help participants understand why children misbehave and will introduce strategies and techniques to help parents redirect misbehavior.  They will learn some essential parental behaviors and will identify common parent traps that can lead to misbehavior.  Three effective discipline techniques will be discussed. 


Psychoeducational Testing- What Does It All Mean!!!
Very often parents sit with psychologists, speech and language pathologists, educational specialists, etc. and listen to the results of their child’s evaluation. They often walk away with a report and after reading it several times, have no clue what it all means or what should happen now.  This workshop will help parents understand the basic elements of an evaluation and gain an understanding of what all the numbers mean, so they can become better advocates for their child. 


Other Workshops offered include:
• Why Don’t Kids Come With An Instruction Manual! -  5 Week Parenting Seminar
• Dyslexia; What Is It and How Do you Remediate It?
• Differentiating Instruction In the Classroom
• Portfolio Assessment In the Classroom

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