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Neurofeedback using NewroLogix

NewroLogix is a scientific, evidence-based Neurofeedback program, grounded in 20-years of clinical experience.  The human brain is as complex of a topic as any in the world today.   Up until recently, people did not understand how significant of a role the human brain plays in our day-to-day lives. Science has proven that everything humans say, think, feel and do is dictated by frequencies in the brain. This revelation brought about the realization that any and all emotional and behavioral issues can be attributed to any number of these frequencies being “out of balance”. The NewroLogix Program works to identify those frequencies that are "out of balance" and, through effective Neurofeedback treatment, puts them back into balance. All outcomes are achieved on a long-term basis. Meaning, there is not a need to do Neurofeedback beyond the designated number of treatments. This is a core advantage of Neurofeedback in comparison to other treatments and therapies that require long-term compliance in order to achieve positive outcomes over an extended period of time.

Every NewroLogix program begins with what is referred to as a “brainmap”.   NewroLogix utilizes Brain Avatar™ (by Brainmaster) for live EEG data collection.   This data is compiled, analyzed and put into a brainmap report.   The map identifies which specific areas of the brain are not performing efficiently, and to what extent those inefficiencies are occurring.   Getting an accurate brainmap is critical because it provides the roadmap to developing an effective treatment protocol.   This is the reason Brain Avatar™ is used for all mapping sessions.   It is the most current, live EEG data collection software on the market today.   Once the data has been compiled and disseminated properly, personalized protocols are built and Neurofeedback sessions can begin.

NewroLogix sessions last approxiamtely 30 minutes and can be performed up to 2 times a day. In these sessions, sensors are placed on the client’s head, in precise locations, to balance intended areas.   Once sensors are placed, the client sits in front of a screen to watch a favorite movie or television show.   When the targeted areas of the brain begin to operate inefficiently, the screen will begin to dim.   Since the brain wants the screen to stay bright, the brain will naturally correct the inefficiency and thus, will be rewarded with the desired fully lit screen. Over time, this process will retrain the brain to operate efficiently and, in the correct frequency range(s).

What differentiates the NewroLogix program from other neurofeedback programs is how the sessions are monitored and adjusted relative to the client’s improvement trajectory.   Protocols are adjusted both in real-time and in between sessions.   This approach has resulted in consistent results spanning across a multitude of emotional, behavioral and physical issues.

Click here to a review a comprehensive Neurofeedback Bibliography regarding specific emotionality and behavioral disorders.


If you would like more information about our Neurofeedback treatment program please click here to request more information and, to set up a complimentary phone consultation.

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