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IEP Planning


Mrs. Braccia’s extensive background as a teacher and school psychologist gives her the unique understanding of curriculum, assessment, classroom management and behavior modification strategies. This enables her to collaborate with schools and classroom teachers to develop behavior management systems and curriculum accommodations for children who are struggling to succeed within the school and classroom environment. She has also received training as an Advocate for children with special needs, as well as educational law. This knowledge helps to facilitate IEP meetings, so the IEP that is developed for the child is truly an Individualized Plan, with goals and expectations that are measurable and appropriate, so that schools can be held accountable for the child’s progress. Mrs. Braccia works to empower parents, so they can become strong advocates for their child throughout their education.

Our team of  Educational Advocates are  professionals who are familiar with the school system and with special education laws.  An advocate ensures  that your child's educational and support service needs, within a school system, are being met.


Our advocates provide information to the parents and, represents a child's best interests as appropriate services and educational needs are put in place. School districts must provide special education programs and services which meet all of your child’s educational needs, some of which are: academic, social, communication, sensory, behavioral, vocational, daily living skills, organizational. 

Advocates help families ensure the child’s unique needs are recognized and that programs are put in place to ensure that the child is receiving an appropriate education. 


An advocate:


  • Becomes part of your team as you pursue an appropriate education for your child.
  • Has a good working knowledge of district, state and national educational requirements and laws. 
  • Acts on the behalf of the child with direct communication with school administration. 
  • Is an Active Participant as your child's educational needs are reviewed, discussed and decided upon during the IEP and 504 plan process. 
  • Once plans are put in place, they monitor progress, ensuring that all facets of the IEP/504 plan are creating a successful school environment for your child.


Our advocates have extensive backgrounds and experience in working with area school districts. If you believe that your child's school based needs are not being met, our team of School and Educational Advocates can assist you and your child in making sure that your child is receiving an appropriate education and in the most beneficial environment for your child. You may Contact Us with any questions about our School Advocacy and Educational Intervention Services.
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